December 16, 2007

Yumzi.2 / Special Salad

Special Salad $12.50

The Special Salad at Nolita’s Bread is one of my favorite salads in the city. It is made out of mesclun greens, cherry tomatoes, black and green olives, fennel*, Sicilian canned tuna and avocado and is served with their delicious house dressing of extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice and soy sauce. The Sicilian tuna is marinated in olive oil (as opposed to the regular canned tuna in soybean oil you’ll find at your local supermarket), which makes its elegantly flavorful. The vegetables are always super fresh and the green olives are nothing short of amazing. This salad is perfect any day of the week, but I find it to be especially lovely on a Sunday afternoon before attacking the neighborhood’s boutiques. Enjoy :)

* goodness

20 Spring St. (between Elizabeth & Mott)
(212) 334-1015

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Tony Ritz said...

That's a delicious appearing Cobb Salad. Next time I'm in NYC I'm ordering 20.