December 4, 2007

Yumzi.1 / Beef Marrow

Beef Marrow and Oxtail Marmalade $16.50
Blue Ribbon Brasserie

Some dishes out there can make me act faux pregnant. I'm not talking about feeling nauseous or gaining weight, but rather being attacked by gastronomical cravings and the uncontrollable need to satisfy them immediately. Those special delights, whether served at a restaurant or bought in a store, need their own spotlight. Say hello to Yumzi.

The beef marrow at Blue Ribbon’s Soho branch definitely deserves to be the dish to devirginize Yumzi. It is so absuf*%#inglutely good. What makes it so good you ask? Well, it’s fatty and decadent and when spread on toast with a dash of sea salt it’s quite sinful. It's accompanied by a slightly sweet oxtail and tomato marmalade (which I refer to as garnish). Have your cardiologist on speed dial.

Blue Ribbon Brasserie

97 Sullivan St. (between Prince & Spring Streets)

(212) 274-0404


Brian said...

You should try the sushi at the Blue Ribbon in Brooklyn, or the new one in midtown...mmmm.

Tony Ritz said...

You know who likes marmalade and beef marrow? Paddington Bear.