December 4, 2007

cheezi #1

Truffle Tremor $22.99/Lbs
Cypress Grove

This dense goat cheese from Humboldt County, California is charged with a good amount of black truffles, which makes it quite naughty - yet very nice. It is ├╝ber rich and creamy and thoroughly enjoyable, either with or without a starchy companion.

Murray's Cheese
254 Bleecker St.
(between 6th & 7th Ave.)
(212) 243-3289


Cookie said...

i want!

Tony Ritz said...

Okay, but is it with real black truffles or merely black truffle essence/oil, because a ton of those bojanglin' food mofos will trick you! Careful, Foodzi. Caaaareful.

foodzi said...

You see those black dots? they represent REAL black truffles. Only the best @ foodzi baby :)