January 21, 2008

Abu Hassan Ali Karavan

First, Foodzi would like to start with a sincere apology. It’s been over a month since my last post and I, like you, am completely disappointed with myself. I’ve been vacationing in the holy land for 2 weeks and been too busy adjusting to the shitty NY weather since my return. I (sorta) promise that 2008 will be filled with rigorous restaurant testing and loads of yum recommendations. Second, Foodzi would like to welcome its readers from Poland, Canada, Spain, Australia, the Czech Republic, England, Ireland, France, Finland and Malta (!!!) I have no idea how you found us but I thank you! You’re effing awesome :)

Now back to business. One peaceful Friday morning, while visiting the holy land, Zazi and I felt determined enough to rise early (11 am) and pay a visit to one of Israel’s most legendary hummus joints. Located in the picturesque Jaffa (one of the only cities in Israel where Jews and Arabs live together peacefully), Abu Hassan Ali Karavan opens its doors every Sunday-Friday from 7:45-14:45 or until there’s no more hummus left in the kitchen. There are only 2 dishes on the non-existent menu: Hummus Masbacha (hummus topped with warm cooked chick peas) and Hummus Ful (hummus topped with warm cooked fava beans). Also served are raw onions, a tangy lemon sauce and pitas as utensils.

After 10 minutes of waiting in line in the crisp ocean breeze, we were seated at one of the communal tables in the approximately 100 sf space. Both Zazi and I ordered the Hummus Ful and two “black beers” from our courteous waiter. Abu Hassan’s hummus really is as creamy and as delicious as they say. After some neighborly pressure I took it to the next level and paired it with some raw onions for that extra sensation. Honestly though (fully aware that my opinion will anger a lot of loyal fans), the hummus kinda got lost in the mix of the lemon sauce, fava beans and onion. I wish its flavor was more prominent. I guess this is just me nit-picking in a freshly-made bowl of goodness.

Bring your own napkins.

Bottom line: 93 :)

25 Shekels ($6.5)
1 Dolphin St. (on the hill)
Jaffa, Israel
+972 (3) 682-0387


Cookie said...

i probably won't make it to this restaurant it's a bit far but if i ever do go you will probably be with me

Sahid said...

I totally agree. Great Hummus for a funny price just beside Jafo port, but not dominent enough. I recommend going to "Zachi" in "Kerem Ha Teimanim". This is the best Hummus ever...