February 23, 2008

Yumzi.3 / Uni Shooter

Uni Shooter $14
Next Door Nobu

I've discovered this strange little shot of deliciousness at Next Door Nobu, when Zazi and I dined there in celebration of her 23 years of existence. This "drink" was so unique and surprising that we had to go for a second round as dessert. Since its flavor is so challenging to describe, I've asked our waitress for the general recipe so you can sort of imagine what it tastes like:

Sea Urchin (Uni)

Momiji Radish
Shiso Leaf
Ponzu Sauce (soy sauce, lemon, rice wine vinegar)
Raw Quail Egg
Nobu Sake

I highly recommend that you don't just imagine :)

Next Door Nobu
105 Hudson Street (@ Franklin)

(212) 334-4445

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Lessle, The BFF said...

i'm trying to imagine it, but it makes my head hurt...