November 18, 2007


Lamb chops with stuffed eggplant and fingerling potatoes

I’m so excited to write this review. It’s always such a thrill to find a great new restaurant (well, new to me). If I had to list my favorite cuisines, the Italian kitchen would definitely be at the top of the list. A second best will probably be Greek food. There’s something about the freshness of Mediterranean cooking that really appeals to my taste buds. Pylos is a little Greek treasure hidden in the East Village. Zazi is a very good pirate.

The space is very well designed. It is intimate yet airy, dimmed and sexy yet vibrant and unassuming. It’s a great spot for a romantic date, as well as perfect for a tête - à - tête with a close friend.

As usual, Zazi and I shared two appetizers. We started with a Maroulosalata, which is a salad comprised of crisp lettuce, dill, scallions and feta – thinly chopped and served with extra-virgin olive oil and fresh lemon dressing. It was the epitome of refreshing. We followed it by elegantly gorging on an Anginares Moussaka, which is a moussaka of artichoke hearts layered with caramelized onions, herbs and three Greek cheeses with béchamel sauce. Artichokes are one of my favorite things in the world, this moussaka did not disappoint.

For our main courses Zazi chose a Greek classic – grilled whole fish drizzled with extra-virgin olive oil and fresh squeezed lemon juice. The fish was perfectly grilled while maintaining its moisture and flavor. I went for grilled baby lamb chops served with stuffed eggplant and fingerling potatoes. The lamb chops were served medium-rare and were juicy and tender. The eggplant and potatoes were great backup dancers to the four divas dominating my plate.

For dessert we ordered a trio of buttery phyllo pastels, triangle shaped, filled with Greek custard and splashed with cinnamon and honey. Zazi took a bite and loved it. Then she had a weird look on her face and said to me with a little worry in her voice: “mmm, try it”. There was a little surprise in the Greek custard called orange peel. There are two things in this world I hate so much I am ready 24/7 to launch a nuclear war at – oranges and bananas. However, and this is a HUGE however, I must admit that the orange peel kinda complimented the pastel. Kinda.

Pylos is a Greek goddess. I highly recommend it.

Bottom line: 97 :)

$60+ with drinks

128 E. 7th St.
bet. Ave. A & 1st Ave
(212) 473-0220


Lessle, The BFF said...

sounds delish!

you make me so homesick for NYC and the readily available cuisine.

here, it's like "pass the kimchi, i guess"

(not that i am complaining)

foodzi said...

When you come back, sweetie, I promise to be your loyal companion in all your yummy endeavors :)